Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Turning a Negative Into a Positive

I posted last night about how annoyed I was with Children's.  Telling Jack today that he did in fact have to have a "test" (blood draw) was not pleasant at all.  I decided that I needed to provide some incentive.

I made plans to take Jack on a mommy-son "date night" after the clinic visit and told him that if he did a good job we would have a special dinner and get his school shoes.  He didn't even cry when he had his blood drawn.  Although he did talk Dr Wu's ear off about parakeets- his areas of interest really become extra intense when he is nervous. 

After the visit we went to the mall to pick out his shoes.  I was amazed to discover that his feet grew 2.5 sizes this past year!  He did a pretty good job, so after we finished I told him we could go to California Pizza Kitchen.  They have always had gluten free crust, and I am ok with him having the occasional dairy these days.  We get seated, Jack is all excited and then they tell me they discontinued their gluten free crust??  Well that's just crappy!  So I had to choose- meltdown or let him cheat.  I am embarrassed to admit that I let him cheat.  I just felt too bad going back on my word after how many blood draws he has endured these past few weeks.  So we went for it.  Bad mommy.  Oh well.

We also went and got his lunch box for first grade.  He wanted Darth Vader.  This just tickles me.  Being at camp this summer around the big kids has caused him to really pay more attention to the more "trendy" things among his peers.  He has never wanted anything that the other kids have before.  While I wouldn't want to encourage it all the time, it's nice to see him wanting to be like his buddies.  He was so excited about it and showed it to EVERYONE. 

There were three highlights to our evening.  The first would definitely be sitting down to a dinner out with my son and being able to hold somewhat of a conversation with him.  This is improving lately- even Dr. Wu noticed today that Jack was asking HIM questions about things and actually paying attention to his answers.  These skills are definitely new- it's not just my imagination.  The second would be that Jack is finally a bit more trustworthy in stores.  What I mean by this is that I don't feel like I have to follow him closely everywhere in a store.  I can leave him to look at something for a second and not fear that he will run off, or cause a scene.  I don't go far, I can still see him, but I'm not on him like white on rice anymore.  What a huge feeling this is- I never thought it would happen.  The third is not so much a highlight as it is hilarious.  Jack is TOTALLY freaked out by mannequins right now.  It's too funny.  The headless ones really bug him, but he still tries to talk to them.  But a couple of times, as we were walking through the mall he would spot a mannequin in the window of a store and tell it to stop looking at him.  He is noticing things around him more and more.  And entertaining his mama in the process.  He is really growing up.

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