Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Dealing With My Own #JennyMcCarthy Backlash...

I am very blessed to have the readers that I do.  You all are for the most part very supportive and nonjudgemental and I really appreciate that.  Today I appreciate it even more. 

Yesterday I wrote about Jenny McCarthy.  I stand by what I said, and I don't think that anything I said would be considered "shocking" to the average autism parent.  I posted a link to my blog in the comments section of an article about this issue on  The article was calling for readers to boycott the view because of Jenny McCarthy the anti-vaxxer.

Never in my life have I been in the presence of such antagonistic, pot-stirring cranky people.  People who very clearly have little to no experience with autism.  Within minutes of posting the article, I was told I was moderating my stupidity, that I was not "interested in science", I was accused of claiming to be a medical expert.  I was told that Jenny McCarthy's son was never autistic, that she diagnosed him herself.  That cracks me up, because he received ABA, and all of the traditional therapies, was diagnosed by a neurologist, and underwent pretty much every biomedical treatment that money can buy.  He was lucky that way, mom could afford it.  Yes there is talk that he had Landau-Kleffner syndrome, not autism- a common misdiagnosis.  It's not for me to say.  Or anyone else- if the EXPERTS don't know, then we certainly don't either. 

Jenny McCarthy's website is called  It has a link to find a DOCTOR.

Here is her page on vaccination:

I see nothing in here that states that she "recommends" NOT vaccinating your children- looks to me like she is telling people to educate themselves, look at their family history, and consider their options
she recommends visiting the website for the National Vaccine Information Center
and she recommends that you answer these 8 questions with regard to YOUR family before you vaccinate.

I understand that people feel she is anti-vaccine and who knows, maybe that is her personal view.  However this is her professional website, this is the platform she presents to the world, and in my eyes, it is not dangerous.  Once again, I am not saying I agree with or support her- but the more I read, the more it seems that people are taking her ideals and blowing them way out of proportion.  I also think that giving one individual this much power- that she is a public health risk, yada yada is a tad.....dramatic.  Yes, she is in the public eye.  Do people realize that she served as a spokesperson for TACA ( for years?  Her personality may be a bit....severe at times, but people are taking her stance on vaccines, twisting it, and turning her into a villain and it's just not true.  I sure as heck wish I had educated myself a bit more before I vaccinated.  Would my kids still have their vaccines?  I can say without question that the answer is yes.  I just may have gone about it in a different way. 

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