Wednesday, 10 July 2013


And I mean that in the nicest way possible.  Naughty Natey.  He has been quite the little troublemaker this week.  And this makes John and I grin at each other and say “isn’t that great??” 

Let’s see, he figured out how to open our front door, and he has run away from me laughing on multiple occasions (that part is not amusing).  Don’t worry; the front door is now locked at all times.  He figured out how to open his closet door and has been hiding in it several times when I come in to check and see if he’s sleeping.  He has been knocking over his bedside table (it’s a little pedestal table) every single time I put him to bed in protest, I have had to take it out of the room.

He broke one of my willow tree figurines (the one of the married couple from our wedding no less) by standing in our bay window, leaning over to the piano and swiping it off.  John is very upset because his legs are broken.  Ha.  He has taken to coming out of his room every night in the middle of the night and into our room, at which point he lies between us and kicks us both repeatedly.

He keeps trying to climb back into the bathtub when his bath is over.  When I tried to get him out the other night he made himself limp and then laughed at me while I tried to lift him out.  He is obsessed with potato chips, the other day while I was still working in the other room he grabbed the whole bag off the counter- I found him and our dog Riley chowing down, one with his hands in the bag and one with his nose in the bag- like little co-conspirators. 

So he is scheming.  He is really thinking about what he is doing and he is wreaking havoc.  These are yet more examples that could go in my previous blog post, Accomplishments Only an Autism Parents Could Love

I love to watch those little wheels turning in his brain, I consider this major progress.  Not to mention some of his verbalizations.  When he was in our bed the other night he was being really loud, I kept saying “shhhhh”.  John and I heard him repeat this several times, and at one point I’m pretty sure he said “mama said shhhhh”.  Of course then he laughed and kept going, but still….

I will say I am on high alert for loud noises, things being knocked over, doors opening etc, but this feels like a pretty “normal” parenting concern.

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