Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Mind Blowing Technology: ZYTO Scans

Last week John and I took the boys to an appointment with a new provider in Richmond.  It just about blew my mind.  I am, as always, extremely overwhelmed and in total information overload.  To the point where when some of my autism mama friends asked me about the appointment I basically said, shhh, not ready.  Luckily, they get that.  I should just get a sign to plaster across my forehead....PROCESSING

And I'm not done.  I am actually going to use this post to get through some of this.  The provider that we saw uses a technology called "zyto scan ".  Here is a description:

"Your body is energetically connected and constantly in communication with itself. The primary function of this communication is to maintain overall health and functionality. Biocommunication between your body and ZYTO software takes advantage of this and is a breakthrough method for 'listening to' and 'communicating with' your body.
By interacting energetically with your body the ZYTO software will essentially 'ask your body questions' and record your body's responses or 'answers'. Information gathered in this way can help you be more proactive about your health and help you and your healthcare provider make better decisions regarding your healthcare.

ZYTO scans do not diagnose or recommend treatments, they simply provide information that should be considered by a qualified healthcare professional in determining a course of action.

OK now this lady right here is a cynic!  I would not have undertaken all of this, except it just seemed meant to be. This practitioner, Michael Payne, was fairly well known in the autism world about two years ago.  I discovered when I did my research on him that he kind of disappeared all of the sudden (not a good sign right?).  But actually in this case it was- he moved on- to lyme disease (many kids with autism have this in case you didn't know- no really they do) and cancer.  He is still studying autoimmune processes, but from what he said to me, he was very discouraged with fighting big pharma, and frankly, autism moms.  Sigh.  I get it.  However, two weeks ago, when Jack had strep, our pediatrician mentioned him to me because she was having a business dinner with him to discuss zyto scan (which she is getting in her office) and several other topics.  It was kismet.  She had my boys on her mind because she had seen Jack for strep, and thus mentioned their cases at dinner- and he was interested.  So he agreed to see the kids.  And I trust our pediatrician implicitly.  Michael Payne has worked with other practitioners who are very well known in the autism community, such as Amy Yasko, and  is someone who clearly thinks "outside the box".  Well here's the thing- the box is just not working out too well for many kids with autism.  I continue to hold the strong belief that you can hurl every therapy on earth at someone in enormous quantities, and if it's not able to "get in" (ie, the brain can't process it), it's not going to do a hill of beans worth of good- however it will cost the same as effective therapy.

OK, so I went into this appointment with an open mind, but also with a certain degree of skepticism.  I mean, seriously, they were going to be able to tell what is going on with the boys by putting their hands in a cradle and having a computer send electrical impulses (tiny ones) through their bodies?  Hmmmmm....
However, there is this:
ZYTO TECHNOLOGIES, INC            510(k) NO: K111308246(TRADITIONAL)
ATTN: VAUGHN R COOK               PHONE NO : 801 224 7199   
LINDON UT 84042                   510(k) SUMMARY AVAILABLE FROM FDA

That's the FDA clearance for the device.

Still, I would believe it when I saw it.  I took Nate back first and had to hold his little hand on this cradle for 5 minutes.  Would you believe this upset him way more than a blood draw or ecg?  He does not like having to be still, especially if it's because you are making him.  About 2 minutes into the scan Michael looks at me and asks me if there is any history of chronic infection in the tonsils in either of our families, such as tonsils that had cavities in them where infections could hide, because Nathan shows signs of this.  Welp, that was kinda crazy- like that moment when a psychic can tell you something  that no one should know?  Because, my mother, me, my sister, and Jack have ALL had to have our tonsils removed due to chronic infections that could not be cleared by antibiotics.

Then when Jack sat down and put his hand in the cradle, he asked if he had dental problems.  Those of you who have been reading for awhile know that Jack had to have dental surgery at age 4 due to a significant enamel defect- it was essentially multiple fillings, and then caps put on his back teeth.  So I explained that he had these procedures.  He said, no, but there is some type of infection in there- maybe strep? (you know, the thing he was treated for 2 weeks ago?)  He said it was in the gum under the cap on this one particular tooth.  This was on Thursday.  On Saturday morning Jack woke up complaining of tooth pain- we took him to the dentist and guess what?  That tooth has an infection.  The dentist actually recommended we just go ahead and take it out- it already had a pulpectomy and cap, it's not decay, but if it's infected now it will be very difficult to clear and it's a baby tooth.  So that's our next fun appointment.

But seriously, how freaky is that?  I mean these are very random issues to be able to pinpoint, but zyto scan found them right away.  Also, I was told by Nate's NIH neurologist last week that he has a mild conduction defect (nothing serious) on ecg- this was also picked up on the zyto scan.  Now, as per the device description, one does not "diagnose" with this tool, but rather use it as kind of a compass pointing to where there may be issues.  Both boys showed responses consistent with chronic yeast and bacterial infections, as well as brain inflammation.  Particularly Nathan.  Midbrain inflammation (think speech).  And while I am not going to "say" it, I will say what Michael said.  This type of inflammation is consistent with a particular injury that can be caused by a particular substance injected into children at a very young age.  One cannot say that it is definitely what they are seeing, right?  But does it give us a direction to explore?  yes, it does.  And while it upset me to see this in black and white, it was not surprising, not in the least.  Because despite what people in general want to believe, this does happen.  Not to ALL children, but to children who are already vulnerable due to a genetic predisposition to these problems.  This regression that we saw was not a "coincidence", it was a reaction.  I was too observant with this child, hyperobservant really after Jack's diagnosis, to have a foggy memory and accidentally label it as an incident when it was really a slow regression.  It was sudden.  It was within a week of 18 month vaccines.  These are things that you cannot dispute- don't try anyway, I will kick you :-).

There are things that can be done.  Not mainstream things.  More biomedical, but really homeopathic things.  The idea is that the brain inflammation and genetic predisposition both contribute to his inability to clear toxins that wouldn't bother most of us since we don't have this issue.  The inflammation has, for lack of a better term, turned off his body's ability to remediate these "insults", and that's really the root cause of the chronic infections, etc.  The infections can be cleared over and over again, but because of this, they will always come back.  But the hope is that this ability to protect can be turned back on, with intervention.  If this happens- guess what?  Therapy can get in, it can be effective.

I will delve deeper into the planned interventions in future posts.  This is as far as I can make it tonight.
Consider my mind blown.


  1. I've used a zyto scan as well and it was amazingly accurate for me too.

  2. This is fascinating! Keep us posted. :-)

  3. Congrats on learning these things....I have thought for a very long time that many medical issues really have a root source as you are discussing here. It takes looking at them from a totally different perspective. You are a wonderful mother!!! Keep going! This journey will take you to new places of healing......Your Auntie Susie

  4. Your link to FDA approval seems to be BOGUS

  5. I've also used Zyto. It did observe accurate issues, often just before symptoms alerted me to the problem. It showed specific vaccine residue from my travels to Peru, as well as the exact joints where I have severe arthritic damage. I was able to clear Lyme, which allowed me to stop taking all the many medication and supplements that cost hundreds each month.
    I am so convinced of the usefulness of Zyto technology that I am looking into buying the system so I can offer treatments for children. The training is extensive, so I'll check back in to this site in 6 months or so when I have more to share.