Monday, 8 July 2013

Nope, Not Buying It Mommy

Today was Nate' first day of ESY (extended school year) services with the county.  This is provided when the skills the child is learning in school are considered life skill and there is concern that these skills will be lost over the large period of time off that is summer break.  I started talking to him about it yesterday, telling him "Natey go on bus to school", "Natey go school", etc.  Of course being that he's pretty much nonverbal it's difficult to know how much of this he was comprehending.  But this morning when he was snuggling with us in bed he said an approximation of "I go school", so I took that as a good sign. 

Not so much.

I have told you all that Nate has been really thriving at Cisco Center.  I mean the kid loves it there.  Below is Nate's progression to a meltdown over not getting in the car to go to Cisco Center this morning (captions of course added by me)

Let’s get in, you know, the car???

Uh, Lady, can ya hear me?  Do ya get it?

Fine, I’ll show you since you seem to be a little slow….

LET. ME. IN!!!!!!
It didn't help things that the bus was about 25 minutes late because a tree fell across a road last night.  He did go on the bus willingly when it eventually showed up, however he was NOT pleased.  I was happy to see some of his buddies from his regular ECI  class there.  The summer program is different hours, a different bus, different drivers, and a different school.  This is quite the transition for Mr. Natey, so hold a good thought that he has a good day!

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