Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Doesn't even begin to cover it.  I received another call from Children's National Medical Center this morning, I know, shocker.  Despite the fact that I allowed them to draw blood from Jack a second time after the needle slipped out of his vein the first time (last week), they are telling me that the blood sample they obtained was inadequate.  Here is why, although they won't admit it if I bring it up I'm sure.  It's because when the needle slipped out of the vein the first time, the doctor continued to pull back with the syringe, effectively trying to skim a blood sample off the top of the massive hematoma she was giving Jack (it STILL looks horrible a week later).  I did this once or twice when I was a new nurse.  9 times out of 10, any sample collected in this way ends up hemolyzed, which in simple terms means unusable.  She only got one tube in this manner and then she couldn't get the rest of the sample.

So when she stuck my son the second time and had great blood flow, she opted to only fill the remaining tube and not collect the first tube over again despite the improper manner in which she collected it the first time.  No doubt the research lab called and told them the sample was hemolyzed.  It was not an "inadequate size"; both tubes were full, I saw them. 

Guess what they want me to do?  That's right, they want me to drive to DC AGAIN so they can draw Jack's blood AGAIN.  Before Monday, and not tomorrow, and not over the weekend.  So they would like me to do it today or Friday?  I am covering for people at work both days as it is a holiday weekend.  I am on the fence right now and very seriously considering pulling Jack from the study if they continue to insist that we make what will be a three hour trip due to their error.  I can't even call the coordinator back right now, because I know I will be rude.  Furious

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  1. Sometimes you have to be rude. They allergy tested my son and did not get enough blood but I was not about to let them stick him three times to get blood. So we did the back scratch test. Good luck. I know it is frustrating for parents.