Tuesday, 2 July 2013

If I Knew You Were Coming I'd Have Baked a Cake

Today is John's (my husband's) birthday!  Happy Birthday Honey!  Something I have been working on with Jack more lately is the treatment of others.  I want him to understand
how to be kind, and that everyone deserves to feel special. 

We worked on this on Father's Day, when Jack helped me set up John's new hammock (let's just say I ended up rigging up one end with the dog's choke chain- no joke), cook pancakes, bacon and sausage (two breakfast meats for Father's day, argh) and of course get daddy's Father's Day card ready.

I guess every family treats these types of occasions differently, there really is no right or wrong.  I have always been of the mind set that a birthday is a very big deal and that each individual should be treated as such.  We all deserve a day that's "about us" every once in awhile.  I have always done this for the people I care about, and I try to be as thoughtful as possible.  You know, favorite meal, nice gift, I'll do your chores type stuff.  I want Jack to do this for others as well.  I want him to understand that giving of himself is very important and that it can feel good too. 

I picked Jack up from camp yesterday and we got to work on daddy's cake.  Jack was VERY into it.  He cracked all the eggs, added all the ingredients, and as always, he was very enthusiastic with the electric mixer (so very similar to a propeller after all).  He was also very into tasting- go figure. 
The bakers hard at work...

the finished product....it's gluten/dairy free because daddy is a good sport

Jack did a great job this evening of letting it be daddy's birthday, for sure the best he's ever done.  He sat nicely at dinner, no meltdowns, he brought daddy his gift, and even handed him his others to unwrap.  In the past he would have flipped that they weren't for him.  So that's definite progress.  He also waited patiently for cake- he had to wait an hour and a half, and he did it.  Proud of my boy today.

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