Monday, 29 July 2013

A Woman's World

Women are consummate multitaskers, I don't care if you're a working mom, a working woman, a stay at home mom, a stay at home working mom, or a green alien mom- you do it too.  There are days when my husband comes home from work and announces to me that he is exhausted- I in kind want to wring his neck. 

I am sure that he is exhausted, I am sure that to anyone on the outside looking in he probably did have a busy day- his department is hopping, they are down staff members and people are on vacation- and I get that.  But you see, I am super mom- able to take calls, mop, cook dinner, do pick ups from camp/school, run and fold the laundry, and appease children, all while standing on one hand.  By the end of the day, I don't want to hear it. 

What do I want to hear?  It goes something like this....hi honey, how is my amazing wife?  Oh my God, the house looks amazing, and how many calls did you manage to log at work today?  40- you ARE amazing?  And what's that I smell?  A healthy dinner?  Sure sweetie I love roasted vegetables.  Do I hear the dryer running?  Jack is on the ipad?  You ran today?  And picked up both boys from camp?  Boy, I have nothing to complain about- YOU, you climbed Everest today again without breaking a sweat.

Never.  Gonna. Happen. Back to the real world

So instead, I say it to myself.  I am amazing.  Today?  Today I did a load of laundry, made breakfast, doled out all the supplements, got the kids dressed, got Nate on the bus, made all of my work calls, put in authorizations for transplants, vacuumed and mopped the downstairs, ran and unloaded the dishwasher, called the developmental pediatrician to bug him about Nate's mitochondrial cocktail- 3, yes, 3 times.  When they finally said they would get him, I was on hold for 12 minutes, in which time I missed 3 work calls.  I found a local compounding pharmacy for the doctor, gave him their phone and fax, then followed up with the office staff an hour later to make sure he remembered to fax them the information.  That's one downside of using one of the few biomed doctors who takes insurance- they are really really busy and forget things- a lot.  When his receptionist commented on the fact that I had remained so pleasant when it took so many tries to get him on the phone I explained that I am grateful that he is unable to leave the consult he's currently working on- two weeks ago it was my boys.  I told her the longer he stays with them, the better.  The man is being reimbursed at managed care rates and spending two hours assessing my kids- who am I to complain?

Anyhoo, then I picked Jack up from camp, made more calls, marinated the stir fry, and now I'm about to go get Nate.  When I get him home, I will check my voice mail, then prepare the stir fry, while one little person complains that he doesn't want to eat it and the other one stands literally on my feet saying "more, chip, more, chip, more, chip".  Then my husband will walk in and tell me he's tired.  And I will smile and say, "dinner's ready". 

Why?  because I am a woman

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