Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Those Who Wish to Sing....

I was just browsing on etsy looking for some fun things for Nate's big boy room, which is almost done- it is brown and blue with stars and monkeys in it.  I know.....sounds kinda odd, but it all does come together I swear.  Those are two things that I am sure that he likes, so that's how it's gonna be :). 

I have been focusing on this aspect lately because I have been frustrated with what feels like yet another stall in language development for Nate.  Say some prayers for him- I hope he is just getting over being sick, adjusting to the new supplements, etc. 

Anyway, I saw this picture on Etsy, totally doesn't go with the decor in his room, wrong color, wrong theme, but the quote just struck me as Nathan through and through. 

Nathan is singing his song, it's just not quite the one I wanted or was expecting.  Time to take a deep breath and take another step towards acceptance.  This picture may end up in his room after all...

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