Friday, 18 January 2013

It's Official: My Child is a Freak of Nature

And I mean that in the best way possible.  Does this child look "sick"? This child who sleeps less than anyone in the house and developed symptoms of this flu last?  Nope, he doesn't.  The kid has been on hyperactive hyperdrive ALL DAY.  It started at about....4:30am.  I had put Jack to bed in the master bedroom with daddy last night and I was sleeping in Jack's room- I needed one night of sleep.  Ha.  So I hear Jack cackling and I go in- he keeps insisting to John and I that there is a green hummingbird by our back fence.  Keeps wrenching up our window treatments to "show" us- nothing.  I immediately took his temperature and it was fine.  Guess who else is off tamiflu now?  Like he even needed it  .  I think he's coughed like 5 times all day.  He went on and on about this bird- at about 1:30 this afternoon I ran into John getting himself and the boys bundled up- what the heck are you doing?  He had convinced John (or John had just given up fighting- I vote B) that the bird was really out there and dragged him out to look for it.  Now he says it flew away.  That's the most logical thing he's said in this whole saga.

I am so glad that Jack appears to be getting over this illness so quickly- only problem is we can't keep up!  Nate is lying on the floor groaning, John is coughing up a lung and I am walking around with my eyes at half mast.  And Jack is a human pogo stick.  Swear to God if this kid doesn't sleep tonight I might not be here tomorrow.  It is time to SLEEP.

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