Thursday, 24 January 2013

Please Let This Be It!!!

This is my first full week of charting the boys' behaviors, issues, supplements and it's going pretty well so far.  I think I have something like 64 data points to enter every day, but since it's on my phone which I always have nearby it's pretty simple and not time consuming at all.  This is also Jack's second full week off of intuniv and first full week on vitamin B12 shots.  This evening I put the EMLA cream on his bum and told him we were going to do the shot while he was awake.  For obvious reasons I am no longer willing to give the shot in his sleep and risk him waking up AGAIN.  He seemed ok with it until the moment came.  Then in the midst of the shot he jumped away,  causing the needle to come out prematurely and a small amount of the medication to leak onto his skin (no big deal).  He looked at me in horror "you are making me bleed everywhere, my bottom is broken!!!!".  Folks, methylocobalamin is red in color, there was not a drop of blood.  I explained this like 20 times, he's not convinced.  This kid is obsessed with his blood anyway-  He spent hours in the bathroom last week because his lip was chapped and bled once- he just sat in the mirror observing it.  I didn't object, it was quiet time, ha.

Anyhoo, that's not the point of all of this.  Here is the point- I have been tracking Jack's sleep this week and the number of times he wakes up.  Monday was 6 times, Tuesday was 2 times, last night....wait for it....only ONCE!!!!  Everyone take a second before you pass out tonight to send some fairy dust our way----I really hope this trend continues!!!

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