Saturday, 19 January 2013

Road Trip

Yes you read that right.  Call it cabin fever.  Call it insanity.  But if I don't get out of this house PRONTO things are gonna get ugly up in here.  Don't worry, being my little nurse self I am not planning on exposing any of you to the flu that I have affectionately nicknamed "there are not enough tissues and advil in the world". 

I have devised a plan.  It may not sound like much to you, but to me it sounds like the road to peace.  I plan to install our portable DVD player into the car, and take off with the boys at about 11am.  Where is our glamorous destination you ask?  Well, first we are going through the starbucks drive thru.  I don't even really feel like coffee right now (gasp), but it's a matter of principle.  Then we are going to hit the Chick FilA drive thru- and if Jack wants a milkshake then I say have at it!  Then we are going to drive for awhile.  No where exciting, we'll probably circle the airport terminal a few times for old time's sake, since that is where we spent quite a bit of our time the year Nate was born.  Maybe we'll even park and watch the planes for awhile.  Or cross the bridge to watch small planes.  In terms of our destination....

I DON'T CARE as long as it's OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. That sounds like a lot of our road trips! We often get out of the house and never leave the car. It's surprisingly renewing!