Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Does anyone else have this issue?  It used to be a common thing for me when Jack was an infant.  He was such a rough sleeper, from day one.  Our first sitter famously lost 4 lbs the first week she cared for him because she walked him so much.  When he was little she would come in in the morning and it would be like shift change report, when he last ate, pooped, how was sleep.  I found that after a certain point, the answer about sleep was honestly "I don't know".  I started having real issues remembering what happened all night long.  I think it was exhaustion partially and probably my body's defense mechanism kicking in.  If I remembered that 8 months in he was still waking up hourly, would I ever have another child??  I would wake up in the rocker, on his floor, in our bed with him on top of me and I would have no idea how I had gotten there.  Sound familiar to anyone else?

It's happening again.  I am trying to keep track of his wake ups on my iphone app.  I realized this morning that I have absolutely no idea what happened last night!  I know he woke at 10:30 pm but was easily put back to sleep when I rubbed his back.  I know that I woke up at 6:30 this morning with him in our bed, and that the blanket I use when I sleep at the foot of his bed is spread out on his bed- so clearly I was in there at some point.  How many times?  Not a clue.  Probably a blessing, no?

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  1. I seriously remember those days... hang in there! You're doing awesome!

    Becki @ TheOtherSideofNormal