Thursday, 24 January 2013

Mundane But Happy

I have basically finished Nate's room, and because I am too stressed out to write about anything of substance this morning I thought I would share.  I repainted quite a few of his nursery decorations including his letters and the little peg shelf.  Kinda proud of it :)

I love this frame and I love love love this picture of Natey.  Natey is strong and has endured a lot more than many kids his age.  Jack as well.  Our family is strong.   I am strong.  Last night I actually had someone tell me that I am not strong enough.  A year ago this would have absolutely devastated me.  Now I know this to be a crock of shit.  There are different types of "strength".  I AM strong, I choose to maintain my character and morals, push through what I need to and stay out of drama that does not pertain to me.  Sometimes this is the most difficult path, but if one has never taken it, then I guess they just wouldn't know that.

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