Thursday, 10 January 2013

Monkey Business

I posted the other day about the "magical toy" and my constant quest to find something that Nathan will love to play with.  I have also mentioned that he loves to play with things that swing, and particularly tissue paper.  John and I have been observing him and have noticed as of late that he is not just swinging these pieces back and forth.  Our first clues were his repeated frustrated screams.  I will confess that I assumed his brother was tormenting him several times (he makes the same noise when this happens), before I saw what was going on.  He was trying to link tiny pieces of tissue into a chain.  If you think about it, this is a really complicated thing to do- major fine motor coordination not to mention the completely unpredictable nature of tissue to begin with.  And lots of focus too.  We started thinking of linking toys, trying to think of one that would swing.  That's when it hit us....

Barrell of Monkeys!!!! 5 bucks on amazon- so they came last night.  Look at this!!!!

And I saved the best for last.....


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