Sunday, 18 November 2012

Take That!

OK, so first and foremost, I stopped the leucovorin on Friday morning.  Saturday morning we made it to 4:30am (as opposed to 1am), then he took a 3 hour nap on Saturday.  Sunday morning he made it until 5am, then took a 2 hour nap today.  Let's pray this trend continues.  Feeling good that I figured this out before we all went stark raving mad. 

In even more exciting news, Nathan has apparently decided he would like to take this opportunity to say "screw you" to the 1st percentile for speech and comprehension.  And he decided that the best way in which to accomplish this was to blow mommy and daddy's minds this weekend.  Here is what we have heard:  up, eat, pat, nose.  Those are definite, and for the first time, all this weekend.  Pat and nose came from some of his ABA exercises, having him "touch nose" and "pat head".  I ask him to do these at least a few times a day, and yesterday morning he decided to do them to me instead of on himself.  So he touches my nose and nonchalantly says nose.  Then pats my head and says pat.  Who is this kid???  He said "open" at OT.  He also has "remastered" ready, set "go".  My legs are sore from lifting him so many times, but I'm good with that.  I went to sit down after doing it like 15 times last night and he came over to my chair, grabbed my hand and said "come" until I laid back down and did it a few more times.  He also easily transferred this "game" to another purpose, which is an even better story. 

I rarely mention our dog, Riley, but yes, we have a dog.  We got him literally the week we returned from our honeymoon, so we have had him for about 8 years now.  He was our first "baby", the sun of course rose and set on him back in the day.  He has tolerated a lot from the boys over the years, and we have tolerated a lot of his barking waking them up.  He usually goes after a bone if he wants to play these days and will literally drop it in your lap and then begin a staring contest until you get up to play with him.  Last night he went for a squeaky toy which he hasn't done in a long time.  He was having a "puppy spurt", running all over the downstairs and basically going ape.  Nathan could not stop laughing at him.  So as I was throwing the toy, I started trying ready, set, .....and he got it right away....go!  After a few minutes he started picking up the toy when Riley dropped it and throwing it for him.  Didn't go very far and Riley seemed a bit confused by this.  Meanwhile, John and I were both staring, mouths wide open.  I have never seen Nate directly interact with anyone besides John or me at home, let alone the dog.  This was huge for him!

All such positive changes this week.  And tomorrow I increase his dose of methylcobalamin again.  Keep your fingers crossed.  This progress is surely no coincidence.  I am hoping for a really good week.

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