Friday, 16 November 2012

Moving on

Well looks like we made it through today- on fumes, but made it through.  This morning was very emotional for me, although Nate really didn't understand what was going on.  We took balloon cookies in for the kiddos and I put together a little gift bag for each teacher from bath and body works.  Honestly, it wasn't enough for all that they have done for our family- they deserve so much more- unfortunately, I can say that about many, many people in the boys' lives, and I don't have the money to do what I would like to.  I have the tendency to try and express myself in this way, but now I reserve it for a very few people close to me.  I missed John this morning- he was at work, but I wish that he could have been there.  Nate's morning started off with, of all things, a freaking fire drill.  Seriously?  This is how different the boys are- Jack is STILL wearing headphones at school after the "trauma" of the fire alarm going off.  Nate had a hissy fit, not when the alarm went off, not when they pulled him from the classroom, but when they made him go inside, lol.  He wanted to play with leaves.

Nate never got past having to leave me when he got dropped off at school.  He did fine when it was the sitter who dropped him off, but he always had to be physically "moved" inside when mommy was behind the wheel- exhibit A.  I stayed for class today, just to observe a little bit and personally thank all of the teachers for all they have done for Nate.

Natey with three of his teachers

Not gonna lie, I cried like a baby....oh well, I make no apologies.  This was the most intensive intervention Nate is every going to get through the school system.  On paper, he has made little progress.  He remains in the 1st percentile for both speech and comprehension.  That's hard for ANY parent to swallow.  Will it always be this way?  I really really hope not.  But the teachers' outlooks are decidedly less sunny than they were last January.  Maybe a change of technique, change of scene will be good for him.  We said goodbye and headed out.

going, going.....
that took literally a block of driving

I let Nate sleep for about an hour and a half and then we had to go to our speech program "taping".  The minute we walked in the door all Nate would say was "go, go, go".  He wanted none of it- but hey, at least he was telling us.  I managed to get him to do ready set go for the camera, but the other parents are going to get a lovely view when they watch this, as I had to lie on my back and airplane him into the air with my legs in order to get the desired response.  Not my best angle, haha.

We headed out to Whole Foods to shop.  He wanted bunny crackers.  We were standing in line to check out and the cashier was talking to him- he was purposefully ignoring her, and they she started talking to him about his bunny crackers.  He looks at her and nonchalantly says "bunny".  Holy crap!  I totally played it off, like oh, yeah, he does that all the time.  Meanwhile, I called John at work to tell him about it.

Nate wanted to stay outside and play with cobwebs, his current fascination when we got home.  Since he is about to turn 3, I decided that I would take some pictures....

In a little over a week I am going to put this boy on a school bus.  Holy moly. 

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