Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Is Nothing Sacred???


Really Elmo?  REALLY???  An old friend of mine commented on FB last week that she was relieved when the first accuser recanted- being the cynical person that I have become I commented that I wondered how much money was involved in THAT.  I HATE it when I'm right about stuff like this.  Nathan sleeps with an ELMO doll in his bed- I want to remove it.  I recognize that this is not rational, and I don't care.  How many people out there own a tickle me Elmo???  Bet you don't want to hear THAT giggle anymore.  What was he laughing about???? 

What is wrong with the world?  What's the deal with sex?   This has nothing to do with sexual orientation- I would feel the same way if these had been underage girls.  Does no one see that their actions can destroy lives?  Especially a person in a position of power, or God forbid in the public eye.  And yet does that cause people to think twice?  To maybe, I don't know, CONTROL themselves?  Apparently not.  I. just. don't. get. it.  And I bet there are a bunch of parents out there right now who let their kids go on Sesame Street- bet they are terrified and asking their kids whether grown or still young, if anything inappropriate went on.  There are claims that this guy was trolling gay telephone chat lines for underage boys- that's where he met his second accuser.  That he "groomed" them by gaining their trust and then doing nice things for them. 

Today I am thankful that neither of my kids were ever big fans of Sesame Street.  And disgusted.  I am also disgusted. 

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