Saturday, 24 November 2012

Moved to Tears

Thanksgiving.  What a day.  I haven't been able to post because I have been busy Black Friday shopping- anyone else get a Wii for $12???  Thank you Johns Hopkins Hospital for those Target gift cards!  I would not, however, recommend going to Wal-Mart on Thanksgiving night (or really ever).  Police backup was present, and they were needed.  When I heard a policeman say "the first person who touches me is getting arrested"  I decided it was time to hit the road.  Sheesh

As I mentioned before, both of my sisters came for Thanksgiving this year, as well as my brother in law and their kids.  What a great day!  Jack first stalked his older cousin Will (who was incredibly patient by the way) but eventually found his way to his cousin Graeme who is only a year older than him.  They played baby lions for quite a long time and had a blast.  Both of my boys sat at the kids' table for the whole meal, granted we distracted Nate with gluten and dairy free rolls, which are apparently heaven.  It's nice to see that the kids can go quite awhile without seeing each other and pick up right where they left off.  My sister lives in Indiana so visits really take some doing.  That's just how it was with my cousins growing up and we can launch right in to our banter when we see each other even now.  

The "star" of the day was my little Nathan.  We are almost at a week into the tripled dose of methylcobalamin now, and let's just put it this way, two of his grandparents were moved to tears on Thanksgiving.  He is much more assertive in asking for what he needs these days.  While I was standing talking to my mother in law, who also came for a visit, Nathan walked over to me, pulled on my leg and said "come up" clear as day.  Instant tears in my mother in law's eyes.  And then when we were getting ready to leave Nate turned to me and said "I go bye bye".  It was my dad's turn.  He actually confessed that he had never heard Nathan say any words.  I know that I am always telling people that he is using new words, improving, making more eye contact, etc, but I guess that seeing really is believing.  And I am so glad that they both got that chance.  Because words coming out of Nathan's mouth are such a miracle- every time I hear them, I get teary too.  It takes so much work for him to use them, and I firmly believe that the methylcobalamin is really really helping.  I think the rest of our family now agrees!  What an awesome day. 

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