Friday, 30 November 2012

Jack and Baby Jesus

For my family, and most of my friends, this title may bring back memories, maybe even illicit some giggles.  I have many many serious things I could be updating you on right now- IEP meetings called, letters written to the school by therapists and physicians, new medications, more shots, first weeks at school, but tonight I choose funny.

After a trying week, I decided that tonight would be the night we would put up Christmas decorations.  We have Nate's birthday party next weekend, so we needed to get it done anyway.  We had some drama with our tree, ended up with a new artificial one, as getting a real tree is not an option in your house when your three year old is obsessed with pine needles and twirling them.  We would have no tree left in a week's time.  Anyway, so there I am getting out the decorations, including my nativity set, which I adore.  Jack started talking about it right away, about the angel Gabriel, about Jesus coming again, I am really impressed by all that he has absorbed.  Then it happened.  He started in again.  Anyone remember last year?  For those of you who only know me through the blog, this is a bit awkward.

My five year old son, with Asperger's, likes to pretend he's baby Jesus.  Sweet in some ways right?  Well the problem with this situation is that as with all of his  interests/obsessions, Jack takes this to the extreme.  Remember how when he is being a baby airplane I can call him nothing else at any time?  The exact same way with baby Jesus.  As in "mommy, tell me, baby Jesus, that it's time for a snack".  Or, "I'm baby Jesus my best friend is Santa".  Or "tell me, baby Jesus, stop knocking the ornaments off the tree".  I am worried that he will continue with this and that it will progress to the level that it did last year.  I found it really really difficult last winter to tell Jack "baby Jesus, go make a poop or we're not going to the movie."  However, he would respond to nothing else.  Or, "baby Jesus, stop saying bad words, Santa is watching".  Or "baby Jesus, it's time to go upstairs to your room, you're in time out.".  I mean I was raised Catholic- it just feels wrong to tell baby Jesus what to do!!!!  So far it's been pretty mild, I've only really had to serve baby Jesus hot cocoa while he decorated the tree.  Of course John LOVES that Jack is baby Jesus, because that makes him baby Jesus' dad.  Sigh.  Sorry honey, it doesn't work that way. 

Welcome to our holiday season :-)

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