Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Difficult Goodbyes

I suck at goodbyes.  Ask the people I used to work with at Hopkins- I left, and then I came back!  Granted, now I've been gone for about 6 years, but still.  When people enter your life who have an impact on your well-being, it's hard to let go of that bond.  That comfort is huge, especially when life is throwing you curveballs faster than you can duck.  Want to multiple that feeling times a million?  Try saying goodbye to people who have had a tremendous impact on the well-being of your CHILD.  OK, tears are coming already.

Nate is leaving his ABA program in less that 2 weeks.  It's not like he won't continue to get help, he's just moving on to the program for 3 year olds.  But the people that have been working with him this past year have been a complete godsend.  Those first few months of sending him to school daily, of coming to grips with his developmental issues, were, as you by now know, excrutiating.  The support offered by Nate's teacher, his case worker, the aides, the speech pathologist, and the therapist who has come to our home made such a huge difference.  For Nate, and selfishly, for me as well.  When people work around particular cirmcumstances for awhile, they sometimes become numb to the impact that a new diagnosis can have on a family.  I never got that from these professionals.  They were so patient, so enthusiastic, and so empathetic to the frustrations and fear our family was facing.  They were sensitive to how we may be feeling about his lack of progress- writing things on his reports in the slots where it said vocalizes songs like "not yet!".  To a parent who is fearful of reading these reports every single day, that means something. 

Tomorrow is Nate's last home visit with Miss Kristen.  I know that he will become involved with the new instructors, and that in a few months this won't matter so much for him.  But it will for me.  I will always remember these amazing women who guided me through this first year of intervention with Nathan.  I keep joking with Kristen that I would be happy to slip her some cash if she would be willing to keep visiting Nate.  She giggles, but I know that I am not the first parent who has said something like this to her.  I am thankful for all of the help we have received with Nate.  I am thankful that this program exists.  I will miss these people greatly.  Damn I hate change!!!!

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  1. Don't blame you at all for feeling that way (even though the change probably happened as I am commenting on this). That's why I asked yesterday regarding my own services after my doctorate degree is over. Good news is that I still can access OT services (just that I may have to pay more). Bad news is that psychology will be a question mark still (though I will find out in May).