Thursday, 30 August 2012

God Blessed Me This Morning

Today was Nate's first day back at ABA in about a month.  Not exactly as earth shattering as a first day of kindergarten, but very important nonetheless.  Every day that he goes to "school" I count as a lucky day.  We are so fortunate to live in a county with such a wonderful program, and I have actually been stressed out that he has not been going this past month.  And I wanted to document it, make a big deal of it for him too.  I honestly don't think he notices, but it matters to me.

I have talked before of the trials of photographing a child on the spectrum.  Jack is SO MUCH BETTER these day, as evidenced by yesterday's pictures.  Nathan- is a real challenge.  Getting him to look at the camera feels like an Olympic event.  But better to have the occasion documented with him staring into space than not at all right?

As you can see, it was not going so swimmingly.  But once again, at least he was in front of the door like Jack.  I really wanted a picture of us together.  That is asking A LOT.  Especially since I was the only grownup in the house

At first I really though that this was as good as it would get.  I tried with him outside and it was just too distracting. I couldn't get him to hold still long enough to get us both in the frame.  I was using my i-phone.  It has the "flip" option for taking a picture of yourself, basically, when you view the screen using this option it's like looking in a mirror.  See Nate in the above picture?  He has just noticed he can see himself and mommy.  And here is what happened....

Are these the best pictures in the history of the world?  Maybe not to you.  To me, the answer is a resounding YES!!!  Thank you God for giving me a few pictures with my littlest boy.  These pictures mean the world to me.

Have a good day buddy!


  1. Best pictures of Natey and Mommy EVER!!

  2. Do you know an OT by the name of Shay McAtee? She is a great photographer (as she took a lot of the photos for OT textbooks that are used today). I met her a couple weeks ago at a high school career fair where we manned the OT booth together. She is doing a book related to children with autism right now. (She told me the title of that book she is working on, but I forgot.)