Monday, 3 September 2012

Family Time

Quiet weekend on the home front.  Kind of nice for a change.  I continue to believe that if I had a three day weekend every week my house might actually be clean.  Oh well.  The family spent some time with each of the grandparents- my parents on Sunday and John's mom today.  It's been awhile since we have had the time to just sit down and have a meal with each side of the family and it was really nice.  Lately whenever John or I see our respective parents we are running out the door to an appointment or a meeting.  It was nice to stay put and enjoy each other's company.  AND  I didn't have to cook two meals.  :-)

I am very impressed by how much everyone has respected the boys' diets in our family.  I hear stories all the time about families not only not providing food the kids could eat but even giving them "contraband" foods.  My mom cooked a fully gluten and dairy free dinner including dessert.  Even John liked the dessert and he generally avoids gluten free sweets like the plague.  So that's a major compliment.  John's mom had multiple things both boys could eat for brunch this morning and had bought some special bars for them, which I allowed Natey to eat.  He rarely gets anything sweet, so he gobbled it up.

I was commenting to my mother in law this morning that I am amazed at the antics all of the grandparents are willing to put on in order to entertain the kids.  There is no way any of this would have happened when WE were kids!!!  For instance, yesterday my mother was looking at a book she bought especially for Jack that is full of different bird calls (it has the audio).  He is so obsessed with the book that we have to set the timer before they start looking at it, otherwise they could be there all day.  Anyway, I look over and my mom is sitting there with her head on the couch and looks like she's sleeping.  I asked her what she was doing, if she was ok.  She whispered to me that Jack wanted her to pretend she was asleep and to then pretend she was surprised by the bird call when he pressed the audio button.  So he presses the button for one of the many varieties of Orioles contained in the book and my mom's head shoots up and she gasps in a very surprised voice.  Then she puts her head back down and pretends to be asleep.  Repeat, repeat, repeat.  What would she have said if I wanted her to do this when I was a child?  Well first of all, she wouldn't have bought a book with audio because she would have had to listen to it continuously since we never "went home".  But I can guarantee that she would not have been collapsing onto the couch just to appease me.  I love it!  She also does a mean humpback whale impression, which she had to repeat for months last winter.  Ha. And John's mom is always "flying" around our house pretending to be one plane or another.  Or pretending to be the mama allosaurus while Jack is the baby.  Today she was schooled on chinstrap penguins, and white lions for hours.  While John and I stared at each other in relief that we were getting a break from all of the "knowledge".  I'm lying.  Actually we were chasing Nathan up and down the stairs and standing over him trying to force him to say words.  What can I say?  We rarely get that kind of opportunity when Jack is around- he never stops talking.  Seriously.  Never.  We were working on "go up" and "go down".  Right now he pretty much sounds like he is saying "gum".  Hey, it's something.

Nate's pediatrician recommended a new supplement when I took him for his checkup last week.  It's called speak smooth.  Not going to hurt him- it's mainly concentrated omegas and vitamin E.  So waiting for that to come in the mail.  Oh and I finally bit the bullet and ordered melatonin to try with Jack.  Mommy and daddy need some freaking sleep.  Pray for us that this works.  This is one of those kids who becomes hyper with benadryl.

We have had a pleasant surprise with Nathan as of late.  He kept disappearing; he often wanders around by himself, so I didn't think much of it.  But I could hear him babbling on the monitor so I went up to his room to check on him.  I found him "reading" books.  We have never really been able to get him to focus on books, except at bedtime.  But for about the past week, every time he wanders off that's where he goes.  There are books all over the house, our room, the living room, the dining room, the kitchen.  And he just keeps picking them up and looking at them.  I consider this a very good sign.  He has also figured out how to climb up into our big bow window in the living room.  Here is how I found him on Sunday morning...

After "reading" for awhile we switched to blocks.  A symptom of autism is the whole "lining things up" thing right?  Yeah, this kid does NOT have that!  As a matter of fact, I can't even put the blocks next to each other without him knocking them around.  He likes chaos :-).  He is in the right house.

Jack joined us for some bouncing on the trampoline.  He has another loose tooth and one of his "grown up" teeth is coming in.  It looks HUGE

Lazy weekends are unheard of around here.  It was really nice to kind of sit back and relax.  We actually had two days where we didn't have to get the kids out the door by 8am.  That was really nice!  Tomorrow is the first day that they both go to school.  This house is going to be so incredibly quiet! Will need even more coffee than usual.  

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