Saturday, 11 August 2012

Airport Playground and A Story all the Mommies Can Relate To...

We have been going to the airport playground FOREVER.  We first heard about it when Jack was about 18 months old, when he was first really into planes.  And we used to go at least once a month.  He always pretty much ignored the playground and just stared at the sky, waiting for the next arrival.  I learned the flight patterns, based on the weather and wind, always knew where to park to get the best view.  I have been schooled.  Our first order of business is always driving past the terminal so Jack can see all of the parked planes.  There's even a really cool little play area inside the airport with an observation deck- but we didn't go in today.  We were listening to music in the car, and as we neared the terminal, Jack's hands went abruptly over his ears.  The Black Eyed Peas had just come on and I thought maybe it was too loud, so I asked him if he wanted me to turn it off or down.  He said "no mommy, it's the speed bumps, they're coming."  You know those grating speed bumps that make that thumping sound?  He was anticipating them.  That's how well he knows this airport, haha.  His auditory stuff is much improved, but I am happy to see him bracing himself so well for the things he can't handle.  After this we headed over to the playground.  He examined many babies, but eventually found a little boy to play "Diego" with.  Of course instead of an animal rescuer, Jack is an airplane rescuer, but I thinks that's pretty creative.  He is tolerating so much more movement these days, he is no longer afraid of the wobbly bridge (which he once fell off of head first) and was even jumping on it today.  We stayed for an hour and a half, which may be a record.  He actually played for most of that.  He had a great time.

So now the funny.  I have been extremely focused on losing the rest of my "baby weight" this past 6 weeks and am finally having success, hallelujah!  So I snuck to the mall on my way to Whole Foods today to try on this top that I have been lusting over, but afraid to even try on.  But it was on sale, so what the heck?  The sales woman in the store was one of those "over helpful" people that get on my nerves.  Can I set up your dressing room?  Would you like to try some pants?  Please let me know whatever I can do.  When I am out by myself, I want to be left alone.  It's rare, you know?  So in any case, when I got to the dressing room, she had put 5 pairs of pants and 4 tops that I hadn't even looked at (all full price of course) in the room  I looked at the sizes she chose and almost laughed.  I haven't worn that size pants in ummmm 5 years?  I humored her and tried a pair on- they fit!!!!!  Well all right, that's nice.  So of course being the intrusive type she knocks and says let me see you.  I step out and she says "you look fabulous!"  Like what else was she going to say? Still nice to hear, but really.  I said thanks, I have been working really hard on losing my baby weight.  She grinned and said "oh a new baby, that's amazing, you look amazing, congratulations".  I said, umm, thanks, he's almost 3!!!! Completely mortified.  Not me, her.  I couldn't help myself, I burst out laughing, like snickering.  I'm not ashamed it's taken me this long.  I've been a bit busy, and it's taken me an extremely long time to be able to focus on things that are just for me.  The poor girl couldn't have been more than 20.  After a second she joined in on the laughter, and soon we were both worked up to that state where we just couldn't stop.  I told her thank you once we calmed down, for making my day.

After the playground, I decided to hit the outlets with Jack (brave I know) for jeans, since I am down about 2 sizes and my best friend has told me to stop wearing pants that are, and I quote "hanging off my ass."  Sorry Jo.  So I was trying on jeans, and picked up a strapless top that was on clearance just to see.  Jack was being great, was being the bumblebee transformer in the mirror.  TMI for one minute, just too funny.  I had my bra off to try on the top and all of the sudden Jack does a complete double take.  Then it happened...."mommy is that your chest?"  Yes dear.  "why is it so so small now?"  How many snickers did I hear in all of the surrounding, and FULL dressing rooms?  OH MY GOD!  "well honey, I don't have to feed Natey anymore, so it got smaller."  "so no more milk??"  (laughing laughing laughing, I am the open concept dressing rooms, have I mentioned?)  No honey, no more milk.  "oh, ok."  SO didn't want to walk out of that dressing room!!!  Luckily, I can already look back on this and laugh.....he is one funny little boy!!  And honest, very honest.  

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