Wednesday, 22 August 2012

What's Wrong With People??

So I have totally been feeling introspective, have had no plans on posting a bunch this week.  But something just REALLY pissed me off, uh oh.

Had a few free minutes while working and went to  There is an article,,20623084,00.html

Jaqueline Laurita, who for those that don't watch, is on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, is coming forward and stating that her son has autism.  GOOD FOR HER!!!!!!!  Any celebrity who brings attention to this cause is a hero in my book.  And having a child with autism is a very personal, sometimes devastating thing.  Kudos to her!

It's crap like this that pisses me off: (comments on the article)

  • Having autism doesn't mean he is not perfectly healthy.

    If he was perfectly healthy he wouldn't have a diagnosis of autism. The great thing, is that he can still live an amazing and beautiful life. Best wishes to them in raising their handsome son

    Austim is not a disease it has to due with the way your mind operates. Saying that he is not perfectly healthy is like saying every one with ADD is not healthy. I would suggest that unless you know the facts keeping your mouth shut. And yes I know the facts because I am a autistic adult. The key to successfully navigating differences we face is to view it as a challenge that most people are unable to wrap their minds around like yourself.

    She needs to get off of the show and focus on her child.

    I just don't get it. If she has an autistic son then why does she spend some much time saying hurtful things to Teresa. I just don't get. Her focus and energy should be on her family and their well-being, not on hate. Also, the symptoms to me seems more like delayed development than autism. The labeling of children need to stop.

    aww it's a shame that little cutie has autism why don't they see if they can enroll him in a program like the peagesus school that teaches children/adults with autism to communicate through horseback riding. I understand their plight totally as I'm an undiagnosed autistic person myself

    Jacqueline and Chris, There has been much progress in autism, I think to where it is barely recognizable in some children when the therapy and nutrition are done at least that is what I think I read about Jenny McCarthy's son? Prayers to you all and keep us all updated as you will be able to help others as Jenny has done. I hope that everyone supports your needs and does not bring you unneeded stress. I hope this wakes Ashlee up as to how she needs to step up and make the most of the life and health she has been given. 

    I know a few children who have autism and strangely enough they all have the same thing in common. . .fathers over 40. This is the case for her as well. Something to think about I guess.

    My good friends son is Autistic. He's 16 and just learning how to drive.My sister is a special ed teacher, she said highly intelligent parents have a higher risk of having a child with Autism.

    Between all the alcohol this woman drinks on the show and the number of times she's had botox while pregnant ... it does beg the question if there's a connection

    I am so so glad that we have cleared this mystery up!  When you have autism, you are not ill, you should communicate through horseback riding, read Jenny McCarthy, it's not really a problem, and do not under any circumstances call it autism because it is delayed development.  Thanks for the insight.  .

    And also to parents of children with autism- it is your fault because a.  you are old, b.  you use botox???, c.  you drink (umm isn't that fetal alcohol syndrome?) or worst of all- you are INTELLIGENT.  Totally brought this on yourself!  Total eye opener, thanks.

    Since all of these ignorant people seem so eager to hand this family advice on something they know nothing about, I am going to give them a little advice of my own.  SHUT UP!!!!  When someone reveals something this personal and painful there is only ONE appropriate response (well several, but you get what I mean)....How can I help?  I am here for you.  You are excellent parents.  Stop minimizing the problem, or God forbid blaming the parents for the diagnosis.  Stop and think about how hurtful that must be for them.  Don't tell them to quit their jobs- autism therapy is expensive.  Let them make that decision.  Let them have an outlet besides therapies.  You have NO IDEA the journey they have just begun so back the bleep off!!!!!!!

    Have a good one

    Oh man, just went back to check on the comments section for this article- over 21 pages of comments and still coming like crazy.  And the vaccine war has begun- consider me removed from THAT situation!!!  See?  Not my direct conflict :-)

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  1. I agree with you there. Here's one example they can probably learn from- Ernie Els, a well known professional golfer. He has a son with autism as well. He purposely relocated his family so that his son can receive better care. Also, he has done a lot of charity work for this cause. THIS is someone who uses his fame and notoriety to do something constructive for autism, in my opinion.