Thursday, 16 August 2012

Hopkins Train Departing....

Well it's official- Nate is enrolled in the SEED study with Hopkins. SEED stands for study to explore early development.
 I have been going through this process for several months now, there have been multiple phone interviews, paperwork for me, for the physicians, and other documentation.  Just got the call that he is in!  This is the largest autism study in the country, seeking answers about possible causes, etc.  It being conducted at multiple medical centers throughout the U.S. We will hopefully get answers about any possible genetic link.  Despite the fact that the medical community at large doesn't "believe" that vaccines or heavy metals are an issue- guess what some of the blood work tests for?  Heavy metals....hmmmmm.  Nate will have to endure yet another developmental assessment, but I actually think he might perform at a higher level at this point, fingers crossed.  John and I will also both have blood work, and they will take an extensive prenatal history.  Request records from my OB, etc.  Very very thorough.  I am excited to get started.  Next interview is August 29th.

The funny thing is that at the end of each interview, the researcher tells me they are sending me a gift card to one place or another and they do! Last one was for Target.  I am just grateful to be included in the study, and like many parents, I am looking for answers.  But if they want to buy Nate's diapers, I'm not gonna say no.  I am sure there must be parents out there that need "incentive" to complete the work, as it is very involved.

Meet my motivation......LOVE

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