Monday, 27 August 2012

One Finish Line....

I have heard so many times just how lucky I am to work from home.  And I agree 100%.  Between going to the boys' appointments, being here for deliveries and service appointments, and having unlimited good coffee, it's a pretty sweet deal.  Today however, I would like to pay tribute to what my life has been like since Jack was born.  Since he was an infant, I have had daycare until approximately 2:00pm each day.  There have been short periods where I have asked the sitter to stay later, but for the most part this has been it.  So I have daycare 6hrs a day.  Before Nathan was born, I actually had some people ask me if daycare was really necessary.  Couldn't Jack just "hang out" while I do that little job of mine?  BAH!  I say BAH!  Would you bring your child to work every single day and let them "hang out" during your meetings?  Listen to you talk about serious medical issues that are not always very appetizing?  Let your clients listen to them scream in the background and demand more PB&J?  Didn't think so.  This is not some "little job" or hobby of mine.  One of our first sitters would at times act like I was doing nothing all day, or make comments that it was nice that I could have that time to myself and keep my hand in my area of interest.  Used to make me so mad!  I work a 40 hour a week REAL job.  I am not one to toot my own horn, but finally one day, after months of hearing this, I pulled her aside and explained to her that this was basically a 50/50 husband/wife scenario.  She never mentioned it again.

That being said, I have used working from home as an opportunity to save a bit on daycare.  My husband happens to get home fairly early from work, so if I have more calls to make, I can make them once he gets home.  Or, as I have mentioned before, lock myself in the bathroom.  It's very glamorous, this "career" of mine.

So we are nearing one finish line of sorts....Jack- full day kindergarten. His school has the "late" start time, which means he will not be getting off the bus to come home until 3:50pm.  What?!?!  First of all, I am concerned about him handling this late of a day.  But honestly, the thing that first comes to mind is Free at Last!!!!!!  Jack is an awesome kid- he is also an incredibly verbal kid.  With zero concept of quiet, inside voice, whisper, etc.  At least not at home; he did pretty well at school after awhile last year.  I try like anything to have all of my important calls for the day made before the sitter leaves, or to schedule them for after John is home.  The best laid plans.....never work.  I have found myself working in some very awkward situations over the past 5 years.  Locked in my office with both kids screaming and pounding on the door while I talk to the medical director in a calm, professional manner (yes, of course my kids will both need therapy, sigh), throwing stuff in the crock pot while talking to another coordinator, stopping the spin cycle on my washing machine every time I receive an incoming call (yes, my office is in the laundry room- talk about your glamour).  Or there was that period where Jack would wait until the sitter left, defecate, and decorate.  At 2:45 almost daily.  Even with all of the precautions I would take.  Those days were ROUGH.  Bottom line- I am a survivor!

What will the days be like now?  Both boys to school by 9am.  I will still have to have the sitter right now b/c Nathan has to be driven back and forth to ABA until he is 3, at which time he too will go on a bus.  Nathan takes a NAP in the afternoon.  Jack will be at school until almost 4pm?  Seriously??? My spreadsheets are going to be spotless!  My nerves will no longer be fried!  I will not be redirecting a small child every 5 seconds with my hands while trying to talk to someone like a grown up!  Like I said.....FREEDOM!

Things I will not miss:

about 30 seconds later.....

and about 5 minutes later.....

Those are the things I WON'T miss.  Does this mean I won't cry like a baby when I put him on that bus?  Ha, I am sure you all know better by now....

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