Thursday, 2 May 2013

A Few Quiet Moments

I have been missing Nate- like bunches.  It is a huge change to have him out of the house basically from 8:30am to 4:30pm.  It gives me new appreciation for my job and the fact that I was able to have the boys nearby for so long.  He is getting what he needs in this current situation.  But here's the thing- now whenever I have Nate with me, Jack is there too.  I used to have at least an hour and a half in the afternoons with just Nate.  Not so anymore.  I can give Jack attention with Nate around but I have a very difficult time doing the reverse.  Nate just cannot compete with Jack's volume level and extreme verbosity.  And frankly, even when he tries I just can't hear him.  Thursdays especially stink- Jack has OT at 5pm so I get him off the bus at 3:50, drive directly to Cisco Center, get Nate, fly home, shove some food down their throats, wait for John to get home, then drive Jack over to OT.  It's close to 6:30 by the time we get home, and we take the boys up for baths at 7pm.  Blah

So tonight we made it home right at 6, and I figured that since it's finally light out quite a bit later I would just go ahead and take Nate (just Nate) for a walk.  I love to listen to him babble.  And if you listen really carefully, there are words in there.  His verbal development is really unusual, I guess because he isn't always using language as a way to communicate with others, being that he's happy in his own little world.  But his little sing songy talking while we were walking did have some words kind of thrown in there- I would never have heard them if Jack was with us.

The other issue has been that when I take both boys to the playground it's just not fun.  Jack remains terrified of anything that buzzes- including all flying insects.  I took both boys to the playground around the corner last weekend and Jack would not get out of my lap because there is a trash can on the playground, and thus bugs.  So Nate and I stopped at that playground, just the two of us, this evening.  I pushed him on the swing and played with him on the shaking bridge- which he loves.  It was just so nice to be with my littlest son, to be able to hear him and give him my undivided attention.  So simple, right? 

Here are some pics from our "play date"

The poor kid is doomed to wear airplane shirts for the rest of time- hand me downs from big brother :-)

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