Sunday, 19 May 2013

New Sensory Plan...

This idea has been taking shape (in my mind anyway) for quite awhile.  It started when Nate's OT began coming out of their sessions and telling me about a new word here or there that he would say after some of the sensory activities they do in their work.  Particularly swinging.  I have wanted an OT swing FOREVER for the boys- they both find it very calming, but the back and forth kind that are outside are not adequate for what I am talking about (although as we can all attest, they are pretty calming too).

Here is a good explanation:

Great, I want one.  Here is the one I have been wanting:

OK, close to $200 with shipping- not horrible, but let's face it, I don't have that kind of money to be spending on a swing, and with the mats that would be needed under the swing, the hanging mechanism, etc, it would be much more. 

So I was sitting in the boys' OT waiting room yesterday talking to a dad, and he told me about this:

From Ikea, for 45 bucks.  Here is the description:  Swinging develops the sense of balance and body perception. It also brings a feeling of well-being and relaxation

How awesome is this?  Oh wait, so awesome that it's been discontinued.  Crappity crap. 

So this mama did what she does whenever she has a problem of this nature- I consulted craigslist.  Well low and behold, there was one listed in Virginia!  For $25!  It was an hour and a half drive each way, but frankly I was up for it considering the circumstances.  So I emailed the seller and after telling her about the boys and where we live, she offered to ship it to us!  And since she is another autism mom, I don't doubt her at all.  This is great news for the boys.

One more thing though....where to put it.  We don't have a large area in our home that we can dedicate to something like this.  I don't trust the boys to have something like this in their room and not try to yank it from the ceiling (call me crazy, ha).  So hanging this swing will involve daddy taking one for the team.  Daddy has a "man cave" in our garage, and well, for him to have this "cave" I have already sacrificed my garage parking spot, so I guess we are both giving here.  Today I casually "suggested" setting up a sensory/OT area in the front half of "my side", while his area would still be in the back half.  And he said OK!  Now it will involve some clean out of other kiddie items, etc, but I think this will be great!  No worries about locating a beam to hang the swing from since the rafters are already exposed.  We have a trampoline, and a tunnel, so really we just need to get some mats to lay out on the floor, and then go from there.  I have lots of cheapy ideas and I think I can make this into a great, calming area for both boys.  I am totally psyched!

And just another little shout out to Ikea and their sensory friendly kids' items.  Look at this stuff:

Now I think that the rings and flat swing are also discontinued (think ebay), but the "egg chair" is not.  The thing spins, and the canopy pulls all the way down in front to make a little "cave" for the child to be in.  The dad at OT said they are probably getting rid of theirs and will give it to us.  I just can't believe that a Swedish furniture company could have such insight!  Or is it that the rest of the world is already in on the secret that there are many kids with major sensory needs?  Either way, I am excited to get started on this next little project.

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  1. Thanks for posting that, my son who has PDD asked me for one. We have two tire swings but need something inside. I was going to make one to save some money but I don't think I could make it for 45 bucks Thanks:)