Thursday, 9 May 2013


About all I have the energy to say is that Jack's assessment at Children's National Medical Center has been completed.  Physical exam, ECG, bloodwork, play assessment and IQ test.  He did very well and even handled the blood draw without too much freaking out.  I will never again agree to do 2 appts at Children's and 1 at Kennedy Krieger in 4 days ever again.  It's not just trying to physically endure it while still working, it's how emotionally exhausting it is to go through these things with the kids.  I am proud of both of them, and I am sure they are tired too.  The fact remains that mommy is the only one that went to all three appointments and MY brain is officially fried.  But....mission accomplished, and hopefully this fried feeling is temporary, so it's worth it.  But like I said, never again.

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