Tuesday, 30 April 2013

OT Shenanigans

Thought I would share some really fun videos of the boys' progress in OT.  Jack has been with the same OT for close to 3 years now, and I will be sitting in the waiting room and "bing" I will get a video of one of the boys doing something awesome.  I used to go back to watch when it was just Jack, but Natey gets really really mad if I come back to watch something and then leave again.  Thus the videos.  Which is really preferred, b/c I can watch them over and over again!
First Jack....

seat drops on the trampoline!

"hanging" out- this is a HUGE improvement in strength for him

And last but not least, Natey and the zip line

I want OT!!  Trampoline?  Zip line?  It's like Rolly Pollies!  Except it really is very challenging for these guys, and I have seen both of them make tremendous progress.  They both tolerate so much more movement than they used to, and both have great improvement in strength.  The sensory benefits are also huge.  Enjoy!

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