Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Contacted by the Teacher....Again

Except today it was nothing but good stuff.  I took the teacher's identity off of this and the school name, etc, but wanted to show you what the highlight of my day looked like today.

Hi there-

I snapped these two pictures during play with Big Buddies today. It was the first time we've seen Nate choose blocks to play with, better yet right alongside everyone else. He stacked quite the structure and laughed when it did fall down. He then went right on building- it was great! Also, when the buddies had to leave, he followed them to the door- when I shut it behind them he kept peering up to try and see out the window, like "where did they go?" and then started to cry. Of course it's no fun to see him upset, but it was also the first time we've seen a reaction like that to the buddies leaving, like he wanted them to stay :) Lastly, at recess, Nate, Judah and Elliott sat alongside each other in the mulch, sprinkling it around- Nate usually likes the mulch, but it was cool to see them sit "together" and stay for quite some time sharing the same space.


FYI, "big buddies" is a program where the fifth grade students come and play with the ECI kids once a week.  What a great idea right?

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