Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Twitter- Who knew?

Probably everyone but me.  Who knew that there were so many great autism resources available?  I had pretty much ignored twitter in general until a friend of mine mentioned it in reference to something completely different last week.  That little reminder made me go explore....and turns out that it seems to be the epicenter of the autism world.  I feel like I am getting a live news feed of the latest news and interventions, not to mention a wealth of stories and support from other autism parents.  In just these few days, I have been amazed. 

Look at this story, written by Jim over on

I feel like I am reading my life.  Something I would have loved to explain on my own....I just don't yet have the words.  I am not yet to the point that he is....where I think that marriage with special needs kids is no harder than marriage with typical kids, just different.  Right now it's still much harder to me.  But I see the evolution....a year ago it seemed impossible.  And now, I do see my husband and myself as down in the trenches together.  Having John at an assessment offers such a huge degree of comfort, and a year ago it would have stressed me out.  We do give each other breaks, we do have different strengths when it comes to the boys.  I am able to respect this much more already.  This article gives me something to aim for.  And I do believe we will get to this many many ways, we are already there.  So thank you twitter, and thank you Jim for the inspiration!!!!

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  1. Woot! Welcome to twitter, autismtropolis.