Friday, 26 October 2012

Before #Autism Ruled- Mommy Planned Parties

My last few posts have been quite serious, so I thought I'd show you something really really happy.  My best friend sent me Nate's first birthday party pictures last night.  Yeah, that's what happens when you have little kids.  Anyway, I am so so thrilled to have them, as I never took any pictures that day.  This day is etched in my memory as "perfect"- my older sister and her kids were there, Nate was "healthy" and developing "normally" at the time.  It was just very very special.  So thank you Joann, for sending them....they have only made me cry a few times, shocking I know.  Oh, and don't hate me for including that, ummm, one picture.  I included the one of me with a triple chin too- Nate just looks too cute.  Enjoy!

cheese ball covered in cream chees and shaped like an igloo, with black olive "penguins"

Cake with gluten- for a mommy with no artistic talent,
 this took me about 6 hours, ha

party table

hot cocoa "bar"

favors were snowman kits for the kids

Natey and mommy (15 lbs ago- blah)

The photographer, who I am hoping won't kill me,
modeling the awesome shades for the kids

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