Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Little Annoyances that Equal Huge Blessings!

This will be quick.  It has been a busy day- Nate had his ABA home visit today and it went well.  He is now doing matching solely with pictures, which is a HUGE step.  It's really cute though, they give him one card to match to the other card (there are like 4 on the table) and he taps his card on the matching one when he finds it- ie, he is making it point.  Just like when he points to the ducks in our book!  So sweet!

Anyway, I was just sitting here working on an urgent case and Nate is standing here driving me nuts!  More, more, more, pops, pops, more, come, pops....you get the picture.  I turned to him to say hold on mommy's busy and that's when it hit me.  Nathan is driving me NUTS!  Whoohoo!!!  Getting him to say ANY word used to be like pulling teeth and here he is getting in my face and talking talking talking.  My slight annoyance has suddenly turned into pure joy.  What a blessing!  Have a great night!

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