Saturday, 20 October 2012

#Aspergers, #Anxiety and the Potty Mouth

Ahhh yes.  Jack is prone to periods of anxiety.  And unfortunately, things seems to fly out of his mouth at these times.  And it's really whenever he is in any way uncomfortable- if we are tickling him and it's gone too far for him, if we are swinging and he's going too high.  All of the sudden a**hole will come flying out of his mouth.  It's not like we haven't corrected him over this or punished him for saying this a million times.  We have.  And I honestly don't think he's doing it to be naughty.  He's changed it to ashhole for the most part, it's hard to punish him for this, although we have made it perfectly clear that this is not ok either.  It's tough when your kid calls you an "ash".  How do you even respond to that?  When he was younger, it used to be idiot.  We told him this was not acceptable, so he shortened it to "idi".  This is legend among our family.  In fact, my coworker's entire family has adopted this term- even her kids who live outside of her home use the term "idi" to describe someone they don't like. 

So is this a punishable offense?  I know that Jack has trouble expressing emotions, and sometimes I feel like this is just him trying to express that something is really bothering him or stressing him out.  He knows these are "big" words and that's why he uses them.  I want him to express himself, just don't want a potty mouth around the house.  I guess it doesn't really matter what I want, since all of the reprimands and punishment in the world don't stop it.  Kids with Aspergers are prone to Tourette's like symptoms, sometimes I think this is part of that.  It's just hard to know how to handle it. 

This morning the four of us ended up in our big bed at about 4:45am, everyone always seems to wake up especially early on the weekends.  John went to get Nate and bring him in when he woke up.  The minute he realized that Jack was in the bed he went ballistic.  He does not want Jack to touch mommy- at all.  So Nate was on one side of me, Jack on the other.  Nate kept swinging his little legs over me to karate kick Jack.  Jack kept telling Nate he was an "ash".  Then of course he would recommence his baby lion persona of the week.  This involves the most annoying high pitched squeak you can imagine.  It is actually very authentic.  This would in turn tick Nate off all over again and the whole cycle would begin again.  Just another relaxing morning at our house....John and I ended up hysterically laughing, because really, what else can we do?  At least they're interacting right?  Ha

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