Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Getting His Point Across

Nathan doesn't say a whole lot right?  But when he does, it is with purpose.  Cute story from today.  Thanks to daddy and his letter writing skills, Nate has been granted extra OT sessions and can continue going twice a week for the rest of the year.  The sitter and I have been talking to him (prepping him) about it all day- you get to see Miss Amanda, go bye bye and see Miss Amanda.

I went for a quick run at lunchtime, and when I came back, Nate was sitting in the window and was very excited to see me.  I sat down with him like I usually do at lunch and we were "practicing" hug- saying and doing.  Then he looked at me and said "come".  This is his blanket phrase for "take me" basically- out of the crib, down from the table, outside, into the car, all of these fall under the word "come".  After about 3 minutes of saying this, he added bye bye!!!  Come bye bye.  My son was asking me to take him to his OT appointment!  I told him multiple times, "Annie take Natey bye bye", but he wouldn't let go of my hand when we both walked him to the door.  When I took my hand away he collapsed onto the floor in a full on temper tantrum.  He wanted mommy to take him, he asked, so why wasn't I doing it?  OK, well that part actually makes me a little sad.  But the point is- he knew what he wanted, he asked for what he wanted, and he expected me to comply.  This is major progress!

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