Wednesday, 3 October 2012


It's no secret that language has been a real challenge for Nate.  The few words that he has gained have been a struggle and have usually taken months- "more", "go", "cup".  It's also well known that Nate has been on a very restrictive diet.  We have been allowing a bit of "contraband" lately, as we are approaching the one year mark on this diet, and he has gained what?  Two months of language progress?  Not a ringing endorsement in my book.  His favorite new thing to eat is this gluten/dairy free cereal. One good thing about going back to just gluten/dairy free is that he thinks he is in heaven!  Anyway, he woke up this morning asking for "pops", which is what we named the cereal on SUNDAY!  That's right, he picked it up within 3 days.  Ahhhh....motivation

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