Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Ode to the IEP

This is how far I have sunk people....really far

Twas the night before IEP's and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, well, except mama
The papers were stacked by the front door with care
Because mama knew that IEP day soon would be there

The children were nestled all snug in their beds
With visions of zip lines zooming through their heads
And me with my coffee and my highlighter out
Tried to discern what these "goals" were really about

2 out of 3 trials independently they said?
They want Jack to learn to stand on his head?
He would benefit from all of these things they declare
But when I look at interventions, well, none of them are there!

Additional adult support is the key
I used to think that that person could have beeen ME
A scribe will assist my little boy with his testing
He can think more effectively with his little hands resting

Break down his assignments into smaller units
How the heck will his teacher do this with 25 other students?
Not to mention the behavior chart with rewards they suggest
To encourage my boy to always do his best

A slant board, weighted pencil, wiggle seat and lap pad
At school my son looks like he's starting a new fad
Make Jack repeat the information he heard
Don't you get it?  He really wants to talk about a bird!!!

In the frustration mommy feels she isn't alone
The staff wants to help but resources are dry as a bone
So I fight, and they fight and we hope for the best
Knowing the battle for more funding will be the true test

When I feel like screaming, I let the advocate do the talking
Because if I said what I wanted, they might send me walking
I try to stay calm, after all this isn't my first time
My kids are 3 and 5 and this is IEP meeting number 9!

We'll make it through this day and move on from this meeting
And pray that my son excels with preferential seating
As a mom of a special needs kid this is the dance
Working your butt off to give your amazing child a chance

So sleep will elude me tonight there's no doubt
I'll dress up in the morning even whip the makeup out
I'll advocate for my son and when it's all over
I'll pass out in my latte then get under the covers
On Friday we'll start to implement all of these plans
As I constantly remind myself that my baby is in really good hands

Yep, I went there


  1. will be praying for you tomorrow. Been there all too many have found way nicer words than I could come up with right now for our situation....stay strong!

    1. Humor keeps me sane... Well more sane anyway!! Thank you!

  2. If you can supplement with private services at home, try that as well. Hire college student(s) to administer a program ($10/hr) to provide direct intervention to your liking. You can watch from the sidelines.