Tuesday, 9 April 2013

A Whole New Ball Game

Just when you thought you were safe....

Haha, well I won't go that far.  What I mean is that I was feeling kind of like I was aware of all of the "areas" I need to pay attention to.  The boys' educational needs, IEP's, medical needs, supplements, infections, therapies, various activities, meetings, etc. 

Not so fast.  A new area has presented itself.  And it's a huge blessing- or will be.  Right now, it's more work.  I have been able to explore a bit more lately in the world of autism.  And it is a whole other world, where parents become biochemistry experts, IEP advocates, and therapy providers.  And apparently, we also become grant applicants. 

So this is great news right?  There are grants available for autism families!  And as always, I have no freaking idea what I am doing!  So I have been picking the brains of our local TACA chapter leaders, Cisco, the special educator who runs the Cisco Center, and this evening I sat down and wrote, and wrote and wrote.  Next step is to beg for letters of medical necessity and invoices for the services I am requesting.

The upside?  MAYBE I will be able to send both boys to the Cisco Center for the summer if these various grants come through.  Or at least for part of the summer.  Nathan has an extended school year, and will thus be at his ECI program for the month of July.  And I plan on sending Jack to the local county camp for the month of July.  But in June and August, maybe, just maybe, I can send them both full-time.  And Nate can continue in the afternoons during July too.  Keep your fingers crossed that mama does this correctly!  What a huge relief this would be!

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