Monday, 29 April 2013

The Smallest Things....

Can feel like huge victories when you are dealing with autism.  I know all my autism parents know exactly what I mean.  A hug is always awesome, but when your kid has sensory issues and hugs you, you feel like you just won the lottery.

Today's first victory occurred when I opened Jack's book bag after school and saw his hermit crab book.  This is a victory because we recently changed his behavioral incentive program at school from toys (he wasn't showing much interest) to "book privileges".  I am sending in books about his areas of interest and if he does a good job he gets 5 minutes to look at the book.  So if he brought it home, it means he earned book time, and it means that it was a good pick by mommy because he didn't want to give it back.

John and I both noticed that it was "a bit quiet" (read- dull roar) before dinner, and when I looked downstairs, Jack was playing independently.  Not only that, but every once in awhile he would holler up to us, "hey, I found my toy oriole" or "look, my hermit crab!".  He was focusing enough to look through the box for the exact toy he wanted AND not losing his temper when he couldn't find it right away. Usually he is screaming for me and yelling for me to "find it now!"  So this was really, really pleasant.  Small thing....big victory for Mr. Jack

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