Thursday, 25 April 2013

Sometimes You Just Have to Say- WhooHoo!!!!

Today could not have gone better.  Yes, that came out of this cynical mommy's mouth.  Could not have been better.

Everything was acknowledged and all of it was addressed.  I would have maybe liked more OT services, but the OT does go to SIX schools, which is absurd, and with the amount of services he will be getting in other areas, I am satisfied.

Basic rundown of Jack's new services:
-He will continue to have an aide during any period of time when he is not receiving individualized services
-He will have a scribe for any lengthy assignments or any tests
-He will be placed in a quiet environment for tests and given extra time as needed
-He will receive 6- 30 minute speech sessions each month (was not getting ANY speech)
-He will receive 45 min with the OT one on one each month
-He will receive 1.5 hours a week in the classroom with the special educator
-He will receive an hour a day outside of the classroom with the special educator- 30 minutes of language arts and 30 minutes of math (this is over double what he was getting)
-He will be getting an adaptive technology assessment to see if he qualifies to utilize a word processor or something else for writing

Holy moly!  Seriously, could this have gone any better?  I mean, I could choose to feel sad that my boy needs this much, but I've already had that time, right?  Now, I choose to celebrate that the hard work has paid off.  Despite my underlying feelings of being an inadequate mommy, I am very proud of two things.  I requested the adaptive technology assessment and they said yes!  I was the one who requested the speech assessment- it resulted in another 3 hours of services for Jack each month.  After today, I really and truly feel like they are giving him the tools he needs to succeed in the classroom.  This will give him his best shot.  And we are getting his eyes checked next week.  And starting him on a new ADHD medication in mid-May that is having excellent results in kids with Aspergers. And our family therapist emailed me with the name of one of the best child psychologists in the area and told me that she is expecting an email from me.  GOOD DAY

The one dark moment of the day came when we had to change Jack's educational diagnosis.  It has been developmental delay up until now.  He is too old to carry that diagnosis any longer.  And he needed to get his new diagnosis as one way to qualify for these services.  The assessments all said the same thing, including one the teacher did, and one I did, as well as the assessments by the school psychologist.  Autism.  YES, I knew that, of course I did, but it will never get easier to hear your child being labeled with such a serious condition.  Once again, I am choosing to take this in stride today- he is getting what he needs and THAT is what matters.

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