Wednesday, 17 April 2013


OK, so today he said "waffle".  Clear as day, to the point that John and I went running down the stairs as fast as possible to make said waffle happen.  His babbling is sounding more like words- a lot more "I want", "I don't want", "go".....often we can't understand the end of the phrase, but the intent is certainly there.
This evening I took his desk "dungeon" as I like to call it (because there is no escape, so he HAS to focus) to his room.  I feel guilty making him do more structured activity after he is gone from 8:30 until almost 5 in structured settings, but sometimes mama needs to do a little checking up of her own.  I smell some major progress in the last month.  We have a color sorting peg board and he was definitely sorting them appropriately by color, with some complaining in between.  He was doing pretty well matching bears (thanks Jo) and was doing really well with his M&D shape puzzles as well.  He's pretty good with puzzles in general.  Once I freed him, he played with me pretty appropriately with his elephant ball popper and car ramp.  It was what I would call "productive" play time, aka I didn't have to barricade him to "make" him play.

Maybe this video will give you a bit of an idea of the improvement in his interaction since about a month and a half ago.  I'll put the old one first, then tonight's. 


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