Saturday, 22 June 2013

Well Played Nathan

I know, 3 posts in 24 hours.  But my last few posts have been a little bummy, so I wanted to share a ridiculous experience I had tonight with my little guy.  I have been mentioning how frustrated I have been with Nate's lack of speech development, and I decided today to try to focus on other aspects of Nathan's development for awhile, kind of take the pressure off.  I put a few new pictures on his choice board app on the ipad and he chose them appropriately when he wanted them, so that was encouraging.

I decided to try something a little crazy right before bed tonight.  I have been told by multiple doctors, teachers, and other professionals that potty training is just not a priority for Nate right now.  His comprehension is way behind, so it's hard to know if he would even understand what we are asking of him, let alone to know if he has the physical control to actually do it.  But I decided to say screw it.  So I took him up to the bathroom, whipped out the training potty, stripped him down, shut the door and waited.

I remember this experience well from Jack.  Ya sit, ya wait for the pee to start, grab em, throw em on the toilet and cheer like a maniac.  Got it.  I had the tub water trickling to speed things along and Nate was loving putting his hands in the water.  I heard a couple little toots but thought nothing of it.

Yeah, I kind of ruined the surprise just then huh?  In my defense, despite the fact that I am "experienced" in potty training (whatever that means), getting Jack to go #2 in the potty was one of the most challenging things I have ever done.  He holds it forever due to sensory issues and has had some problems with constipation.  Apparently Nathan is opposite of Jack in all areas.

Yep, number 2, on the floor, like nothing was happening.  I grabbed Nate as fast as I could and plopped him on the potty, mainly to minimize the mess.  Unfortunately this actually made it much, much worse.  So I was frantically trying to clean up before Nate stepped in something when I heard a couple of little drips.  I turned around and Nate was peeing in the potty!!!  Leave it to him to first create a major distraction so he could try it out in peace, lol.  I am just glad I caught it so I could cheer like a freak.  So all was not lost.  I have no idea if he got it, he did seem happy with himself, but only time will tell.  But I figure we can just try it this way for a while, no pressure.

However, mommy needs to pay more attention to other, ahem, warning signs from now on!

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