Thursday, 27 June 2013

Milk of Human Kindness


Life is full of surprises.  I was running late this morning, feeling distracted, planning every moment of my day in my head (when can I fit in a run?  what time do I need to leave to get Jack to DC for his study appt at 5:30?), the usual.  John has been taking Jack to camp on his way to work and I take Nate to Cisco.  Nate was having a hard time separating this morning (ok, I am lying, I was having a rough time because I likely won't see him again today) so we were snuggling in the entryway of Cisco Center when Cisco called from his office that he had some good news for us.  I figured he had heard back on one of the grants we applied for or something.  Instead he tells me that they received an anonymous donation for Nathan that will cover a full week of his tuition.  I cannot put into words how this affected me.  I still cannot stop crying.   This donation directly improves this beautiful little boy's quality of life.  We do everything we can as a family to provide for our boys, but of course it is really tough to manage all of the services they both need.  We have made Cisco Center a priority because Nathan is really, really thriving there.  We made the decision that the sacrifices involved in sending him there are worth it, although they are many.  He is happy to go every single day.

Whoever you are, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  There is nothing on this earth that you could do that would touch my heart more.  Anything you do for Nathan you do for our entire family, so we ALL thank you.  I promise you that Nathan will truly benefit from your kindness.  I understand that you want to remain anonymous and though this is difficult for me as I would love to thank you personally, I of course respect that.  Your request for anonymity is just further evidence of what a generous soul you are.

Talk about a beautiful start to a day....

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