Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Little Steps Mean the World

I don't know if this is even significant enough to write about.  Except that it is hugely significant to me.  I pulled out a book for Nate this evening that we haven't looked at in quite awhile.  First of all, he hasn't been attending to books too well lately, which is kind of depressing considering that it used to be one of his favorite things.  He used to point to all of the pictures of things in this book:

But since he has been screeching when I try to get him to hold still for a book (this is when I read, he wants to look at it by himself, not with someone else), I was not expecting him to do this.  Imagine my surprise when after at least a month he still remembered which thing was which.  And not only that, but when I asked him to touch the tree, he touched each individual tree, went right down the line.  He has only ever touched one before, basically to make me shut up I think :-).  He did the same on each page that had multiple items (bird, cat,etc).  This is a big deal, it shows that he truly knew what the object was, he was able to generalize when the same object looked a bit different, and that he wanted to acknowledge all of them.  I know, is that really exciting?  Well, when you have a three year old that still has fewer than 15 meaningful words, the short answer is YES.

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