Sunday, 30 June 2013

Subtle Changes

I have been noticing some changes in Nathan the past few weeks.  I don't know what to make of them, and I don't want to make too much of them, but they are definitely there.  In the past, it was difficult to know what he liked and disliked, his expression didn't change much, he obviously couldn't verbally express himself (other than crying or screaming), and he certainly didn't have the obsessions his brother has. 

He has been expressing his emotions much more frequently the past few weeks.

Some prime examples:

We went to see a sensory friendly showing of "Monsters University" yesterday.  Before the movie started he was sitting in his seat looking happy as a little clam.  The instant the movie came on, he was clinging to me like his life depended on it.  He was terrified and overwhelmed by the noise and huge picture no doubt.  But he has been to several movies with us and never had this reaction.  Every time I even tried to turn him on my lap he went ape and would cling tighter. 

He is doing the same thing at home if a "scary" part of a show comes on.  He either runs and hides, or jumps on me.

Something scared him at my mom's today (we never figured out what it was), but we watched his later face go from happy to that crumpling expression, and then he sobbed for a minute and then it was over- weird.

This one is big to me- he was playing with his monkeys in a barrel at bedtime tonight.  He was stimming, swinging them around, getting very involved and was clearly not going to sleep if I let it continue.  So I said, "all done give to me" and he did.  I put them on top of the dresser.  He got MAD.  Not only did he cry and start tantruming, but he got on his tip toes and tried to reach them, when that didn't work, he attempted to climb on his toy box to get them, and when that didn't work, he grabbed his little work chair and tried to drag it over to the dresser, which didn't work either.  Eventually he did give up, but he showed way more tenacity over a toy than I have ever seen.

I think these are really good things.  Any determination, persistance, or show of emotion (which shows a different level of comprehension in my view) is progress. 

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