Monday, 3 June 2013

3-Day Cleanse

Dear Dr. Oz,  I hate you right now.  I have been interested in doing a cleanse for awhile.  I feel sluggish, I have been dieting for months and working out and losing nothing.  And not like fake dieting, really dieting.  And really running.  Nothing. 

On Friday I set my mind to it and looked for what seemed like a pretty natural cleanse that wasn't too too long.  Here is what I came up with:

Only 3 days right?  Smoothies....can't be that bad.  And honestly, it hasn't been.  That being said, I am on day 3 right now.  I have chewed nothing in almost 3 days.  I have slept more than usual, I drink water like a fish.  I cheat though and use lime instead of lemon in my water (gasp), and sometimes I even add a little stevia just so I feel like I'm drinking something.  I like the baths, those are nice.  But there are some other issues:

Let me just say- flax seed, gritty.  Also, no amount of pineapple can make the lunch smootie more tolerable with 4 stalks of celery, a cup of kale and a cucumber.  The dinner smoothie would actually be pretty good- except for the freaking cayenne pepper.  Sigh.  Sadly I am looking forward to my nasty green smoothie today- I am that hungry right now.  And this is after I had to take it upstairs to drink it on Saturday- my husband was NOT doing a very good job of keeping a straight face while I tried to chug that crap.  I needed privacy for that.  Oh, and John, thanks bunches for barbecuing all weekend long!  Not.  The burgers last night smelled awful, as did the barbecued chicken on Saturday night.  Just a little bitter, lol

Breakfast smoothie- good stuff.  In fact, I may continue that one for breakfast from now on.  Good way to get spinach in.  And flax seed.  I plan to start the 17 day diet once I finish this, which I have had great success with in the past- and frankly now it will feel like a feast.  Hopefully this helps my metabolism, because I am officially over this whole cleanse thing.  But I will soldier on- I haven't tortured myself for this long only to quit.

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