Monday, 18 March 2013

The Trouble With Speech

OK, I have been trying to explain this for a long time, but feel like I fail miserably b/c until you see it, it's just hard to grasp how a person can not understand that speech is needed to communicate.  So today, I decided to show you with a video of me trying to ellicit some speech from Nate.

Some disclaimers:
Nate is having a rough day today
He had already had his snack and wanted more, so he was a bit less motivated than he had been about 15 minutes before.
I feel like I am a cruel mama for denying him for this long, I wanted him to at the very least look me in the eye and say "more" which is not usually that rough to get out of him, but he has not been doing so hot lately.  Sometimes I get "I want more" or "I want chip" so of course I would have been good with that too, but today it just wasn't coming

I feel mean dropping the bowl like this over and over again but it serves a significant purpose- the sound and the movement get his attention.  You can see just by watching him that me verbalizing "tell me what you want" is not going to have enough impact.  Saying it with an action, that gets him.  So that is the technique both John and I employ with him.  You can imagine how frustrating it would be- to spend 5 minutes trying to have one meaningful communication.  For both parent and child- you can hear Nate's frustration.  And mine.  Unfortunately, the single most effective way to ellicit communication is to withhold the desired object until he uses his words. 


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