Sunday, 10 March 2013

Sleep and the Time Change

Ahhhhh...daylight savings time.  I am sure I will appreciate the extra sunshine.  I planned carefully last night, put the boys to bed 30 min early (splitting the difference) and hoped for the best.  I needn't have bothered.   See, Nathan is very flexible and will have no issue going to bed at a slightly earlier time tonight.  And Jack?  Well.....

Daddy has been out of town this weekend on a guy's trip.  He made a booboo before he left.  Which is really not fair to say.  It is impossible to know how things will affect Jack.  So scratch that, he tried to give him incentive to be good for mommy.  He told him that if he was a good boy, daddy would bring him back a little treat.  Unfortunately, our son, our sweet boy with aspergers, can take a thought like that and let his very busy mind run wild.  There have been many times in Jack's short life where John and I have gotten really mad at each other for something either of us did with Jack that triggered one of these obsessive periods.  I have come to realize over time, that although we are better at tempering our statements (for example, if we are going somewhere he is going to be excited about, we tell him as we are pulling into the parking lot in order to ensure sleep the night before), some things one just cannot predict.  So, on that note- Jack was up from about 1am (old time) on last night asking about every 10 minutes if dad was home yet and what did he bring? 


So planning for daylight savings time was not necessary- Jack will likely be exhausted no matter what time he hits the hay tonight.  And ditto for me!!!

Diagnosed in 2007, hahaha

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